Nov 16th - 17th

Time: 18:00-12:00

Location: IES Kista 

Cost: 150 SEK (includes dinner, evening snack, breakfast and entry to all the tournaments)

Note that all GTA/Saints Row/Payday games are banned.

  • Sign in and pay at the door

  • When you arrive, set up your computer/console in the designated area.

  • If an adult on duty or a LAN Host asks you to leave your computer/console to eat, stretch,or take a walk, you must do it.

  • Do not touch school property such as  whiteboards and whiteboard markers and rooms that have not been open for you without permission

  • Do not leave the assigned areas

  • Do not leave the school building without signing out

  • Do not bring or eat nuts, coffee or energy drinks.

  • Do not use cheats or hacks in tournaments

  • Be respectful of other students’ things- do not touch them without permission and if you do have permission, treat other students’ equipment with the same respect you would treat your own.

  • Be respectful of others in the school.

  • Be respectful of school property- leave the school as clean or cleaner than you left it.

  • When you leave the LAN, tidy your area

  • Disobeying any of these rules will lead to your parents being phoned and you being asked to leave.

  • You may not be anywhere in the school except the designated areas.

  • The games you play, you play at your own risk. They should not be games you are not allowed to play at home

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